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Field Duty Sign-up
by posted 03/28/2023

Field Duty Link & Information

(updated 3/29)

To sign up for a time keeper, score-keeper, or set-up/clean-up spot, please follow this link https://signup.com/go/UffNaaJ

League Sign-up for concessions:   PRYL Lacrosse 2023 — Signup Sheet | SignUp.com

  • If you are unable to fulfill these requirements, you can opt to pay $25 to a student aged 13 years or older. Please sign up using your name (in order to get credit) and communicate the student’s name to either the Team Manager (for Field Duty) or Angie Pickels (for Concessions).

Table & crease set-up/Game time keeper (1 per game)

Pick up the crease bag, table, and score-keeper's box from the concession stand.  Take them to the field and set up the creases around each goal.  Set the table up in the middle of the field (think dead center of the 50 yd line, then walk a few yards towars our half of the field to have adequate space between our game and 10u Green's).  The table should be facing our half of the field. 

Stopping and starting the timer each time with the referee blows his whistle unless it is a running clock game in which the referee and or coach instructs.  The clock keeper should discuss details with the referee prior to the game start on how many minutes in a quarter, 8,10 or 12 minutes and when the referee wants to be notified on time remaining, etc. Electronic game clock/horn will be used. 

Score/penalty keeper/Table & crease return (1 per game)

Bring a chair, pen/pencil, and your cell phone.  There should be working timers and pencils in the score-keeper's box but that doesn't always happen.  You will set and start/stop the clock according to the referee's instructions.  Play begins and ends with the whistle.  If you've never done anything like this before, do not feel intimidated - it is very easy at this level.

We most likely won't have many, if any, penalites.  Penalty timer is to keep the time on the penalty box sidelines using a clock timer/stop watch and advise the player when he can return to the field.  The referee will determine the penalty time and type of penalty, personal or technical.  The player will stay in the penalty box on one knee facing the field ready for his release.  At 15 seconds remaining on the penalty, the timer will announce to the player to “be ready” and at 10 seconds count down out loud through 1 second and then announce “release” for the player to return to the field.  Timer will note the player number, penalty time and type of penalty on the penalty form placed on the game table to keep track. 

If there is not a game after ours, please return the items to where you found them.  If there is a code needed to enter the concession stand, Tina will let you in.

Richland Park: located in the concession stand.

Ram Cage: so far, only a table can be stored in the concession stand.  More information TBD

Pine Park: no storage yet.  More information TBD




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Week of 3/27 Green Team
by posted 03/27/2023

10U Green Weekly Updates

Practice: Tuesday 5pm-6pm at Lakeview; Uniforms will be handed out, so please bring your $25 donation check (for concessions - this replaces actual food donations to reduce waste) and your $200 deposit check (this one should be post-dated to 6/1/2023 - only cashed if you do not return your pinney and complete 2 volunteer spots).  1 set of checks per family regardless of how many players you have.

Sign up: Now that our schedule has been updated, here is the volunteering link.  Remember, each family should sign up for 2 spots, regardless of how many players you have.   https://signup.com/client/invitation2/secure/84710688969598039/false#/invitation


Upcoming League Events (copied from the weekly league email):

Thursday, March 30th    (PR HS Field)


Come cheer on Pine Richland’s High School Men’s Lacrosse team at YOUTH NIGHT!! Players should wear their game jerseys. Free admission for everyone!

  • Thursday, March 30th, Varsity game at 7:30 PM vs Fox Chapel @ PR HS Stadium
  • Halftime recognition of youth players and coaches. Our 8th Grade players will receive special recognition as seniors of our program.

Please bring donations to the game for Angel’s Place – see below.


Mulch Madness – See details in the league newsletter! Please share with your friends, families, neighbors, church communities, etc.

TRIVIA NIGHT – Back by popular demand, PR Youth Lacrosse will once again be hosting Trivia night at Narcisi Winery with Drew’s Clues. (Tina's input - this is SO MUCH fun!!!  Create teams of 4 with your friends/family.)

SAVE THE DATE: Monday, May 22.

Key Dates to Remember:

April 20th – HS Crohns & Colitis Support Night

April 24th – HS Senior Night

April 26th - Girls Youth Night  

May 8th - Girls Varsity Senior Night 

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10U green week of 3/20
by posted 03/21/2023

10U Green Updates

Hello everyone! For those of you who registered after I sent out my initial introduction, my name is Tina Proctor (mom of Josh #3) and I will be the team manager for the 10U Green team this season.  I work full time as an SLP at Quaker Valley School District and get terrible reception at work, so if I don't get back to a text quickly between 8-4, please know that it's not for lack of effort.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me via the Game Changer app (please download if you haven't already), text 412-480-8586 or email tinaproctor131@gmail.com. 

Our April practice schedule was just released and we will be practicing on Mondays from 6:00-7:30 and Thursdays from 7:00-8:00 at Richland Park, field 5. Those have been added to the Game Changer app, but all games and practices can also be found at the league website prlax.com.  As I said in my app message this morning, there are some inconsistencies with at least one date, so I'm waiting on clarification from our scheduler and will update the games as soon as I can.  In addition to the league's weekly email, you can expect to receive one from me as well with team-specific information.

  • For all games, please arrive 30 minutes prior to start time so that the boys can warm up and coaches can review whatever they need to communicate for the day.
  • Volunteer sign-ups are in the works and there are some changes this year.  At the time of uniform pick-up (TBD), please bring 1&2 below:

1) $25 check to cover a concession donation (this will be cashed).

2) $200 post dated check for 6/1/2023 made out to PRYL (will not be cashed unless you don't return your pinney AND fulfill your volunteer committments).  

3) You will also need to sign up for 2 volunteer spots in either the concession stand or on the field (1 each or 2 of one kind...as long as you reach a total of 2, you're good).  


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