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Equipment & Uniform Needs



Before the season begins, check to be sure you have the necessary equipment. The following is a list of equipment needs:

Lacrosse Helmet Shoulder Pads Rib Pads (optional)
Gloves Elbow Pads Spikes (molded)
Uniform Socks (any style/color) Mouthguard (cannot be clear)
Cup Lacrosse Stick  


PRYL may provide names of vendors from which lacrosse equipment may be purchased. This list is not all-inclusive, and these vendors are not endorsed by PRYL but are provided as a convenience.



The following is the required equipment for girls lacrosse players:
Stick (Note, girls sticks are not the same as boys!  Girls sticks have a much shallower pocket.  Ask the rep at a sportings good store and they can help you with the difference)
Mouth Guard (Not allowed to be clear)
Cleats (soccer are allowed just no metal cleats) or tennis shoes