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Important Game Reminders
  • Please arrive to the field in time so your player is completely equipped, stick in hand and ready 45 minutes prior to the game start time.
    • Any player arriving after the designated time may miss their first shift in the game at the coach discretion.
  • Players should have all equipment (including mouth guard), water bottle, game jersey, and black shorts or kilt accordingly for every game (in cold weather, black or gray sweatpants are acceptable).
    • Water jugs for refilling bottles will be provided on tournament days.
  • If your player will miss a game (or practice), notify the Team Manager.
    • Team Manager contact information can be found on your player's team page. Click on the Team Manager name; a page will appear with the email address and cell phone number.
    • You may also email the coach if you desire; however, it is required that you notify the Team Manager.
  • Your player is a representative of the Pine-Richland Community and School District; please represent yourself in a positive manner.
    • Players will bring a positive attitude and support their teammates, coaches, and referees at all times!
    • Players are not permitted to approach an official or question any calls. This is the coach’s responsibility.
  • Parents are also representatives of the Pine-Richland Community and School District. Please follow these reminders and be positive representatives.
    • Only parents who are assigned to field volunteering are permitted on the sideline and on the same side of the field as the team. Many of our games will be played on turf with spectator stands where the parents can enjoy the game.
    • Parents are to be positive during the game in the stands. Yelling at coaches, officials, players, or members of the opposing team and use of profanity is prohibited and will be cause for removal from premises.
    • Parents communicating to players during game time is not allowed
    • Coaches are not to be approached during or immediately after the game to discuss any aspect of the game. There is a 24-hour ‘cooling off’ period in effect per the PR Code of Conduct.